Episode 01: Welcome to Fungi Town

Welcome to the very first episode of Fungi Town! 

Many people think that fungi are related to plants, but they’re actually more closely related to animals! In this episode, I’ll go over some important differences between the plant and fungi kingdoms. We’ll also go on a tour of the average home to discover some of the many ways that we interact with fungi in our everyday lives. Finally, I’ll take you to a working mushroom farm to de-funk a mushroom myth. Come on down to Fungi Town!

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Thanks to my “what’s a fungus” guests: Elizabeth Joy Tong, John Tyme Tong, Eric Wagoner, Vivian Wagoner, Juniper Wagoner, and Terrance Schmidt. Special Thanks to Kevin Frazier for showing me around the Sparta Mushrooms farm, Doug Parsons (host of the podcast America Adapts) and my mentors and cohorts during this month’s 28 Day Podcast Challenge

Fungi Town is written, directed and produced by Jen Parrilli and hosted on Podbean. Music was created using the Bandimal App from Yatatoy. All sound effects were recorded by Jen Parrilli with the following exceptions: cow (by reinsamba), bats (by klankschap), cafe (by CharleneZ), and funky music (by leehayeskerr) used via Creative Commons license and found on Freesound.

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A transcript of this episode is available here.