Episode 02: How to ID Mushrooms

Welcome back to Fungi Town! 

One of the very best ways to learn about mushrooms is to go out and find them. But once you do, how do you know what you’ve got? How do you know if it’s poisonous? Where should you look to find more of them? To answer any of those questions, you’ll need to get a proper mushroom ID and on this episode of Fungi Town, we’ll find out how to do just that!

Here are a few of the mushroom identification resources mentioned in this episode:
Mushroom Observer
Mushroom Expert
Mushrooms Demystified
Yellow Elanor

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Special thanks to Alan Rockefeller for his input on mushroom identification, Bill Sheehan and Sam Landes of the Mushroom Club of Georgia for helping me connect with Alan, and Rachel Zoller from Yellow Elanor for letting me use her wonderful mushroom diagram. 

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