Episode 04: Lichen or Not

Hi citizen! Welcome back to Fungi Town! 

This week, we investigate the mysterious partnership between fungi and algae that forms lichen. Although they may look like moss and live in some of the same habitats, lichens are completely different organisms. To help me explain what lichens are and what makes them so interesting, my guest Dr. Frank Bungartz from Arizona State University and the Charles Darwin Foundation talks about his work in the Sonoran Desert and the Galapagos Islands. We’ll also discuss a new discovery that de-funked over 140 years of lichenology.  

To learn more about Tony Spribille’s discovery, check out the excellent videos below:

SciShow Talk Show 
What’s in a Lichen – National Geographic

Special thanks to my guests: Dr. Frank Bungartz of Arizona State University and the Charles Darwin Foundation and Haley Golz of Lichen Landscapes, who contributed the artwork for this episode. Check out her website for some beautiful prints and cards. 

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