Episode 11: Tree-of-Heaven

Welcome back, citizen!

Invasive species are a hot topic these days. With pythons in Florida and Lion Fish at the Atlantic coast, they’re making news everywhere. But what exactly is an “invasive species” and how do we control them? I’ll answer those questions and talk to Kristen Wickert from West Virginia University about how she’s learning to control an invasive tree.

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A photo comparing healthy and infected branches:

A photo showing the transfer of purple dye in Kristen’s experiment:

Thank you to Kristen Wickert from West Virginia University for sharing her expertise on the show and to Dr. Marin Brewer for her contribution to De-funked! You can read Kristen’s paper titled, “Seed Production, Viability, and Reproductive Limits of the Invasive Ailanthus altissima (Tree-of-Heaven) within Invaded Environments” here. Please check out my sponsor, Lichen Landscapes, for unique cards and prints and don’t forget to enter “FUNGITOWN” in the order notes.

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