Episode 14: Halloween 2018

Welcome back, citizen!

Listen to this very special Halloween episode, where we’ll talk about eerie glows, a mushroom that looks like a pumpkin, and fairy rings. My guest this time is Dr. Andrew Miller from the Illinois Natural History Survey.

If you want to learn more about this episode’s topics, here are some links:

Dr. Miller’s co-authored article about Omphalotus
The Mushroom Expert‘s “conspiracy” article
Current Biology article about bioluminescence
Wikipedia’s entry on fairy rings

Thank you to Dr. Andrew Miller from The Illinois Natural History Survey for sharing his expertise on Omphalotus, Dr. Marin Brewer for teaching us about fairy rings, and to Rowen Cannon for providing the transcript for this episode, which you can find here or in the transcripts tab. 

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Fungi Town citizen, Leslie Masson, reached out to share some of her findings about this episode’s fungi:

“I have a foolproof way of distinguishing chanterelles from Jack o’ lanterns – put them in hot water. Jack O’Lanterns are a dye fungi so the water will become orange. When put into hot water chanterelles produce a negligible color change. Below are photos of chanterelles (left)& jacks (right) in hot water.”

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