Episode 20: No Bad Yolks

Welcome back, citizen!

In this episode, we peek over the fence, looking for fowl play. It’s all about backyard chickens! The makers of Zen Hen join me to talk about their chicken treats and share how they’re using fungi to improve the health of hens. My guests are two enterprising entrepreneurs, Craig Rouskey and Doug Manofsky, founders of Pando Nutrition. They’ll talk about biotech, how to spot a healthy chicken, and the innovative ways they’re utilizing fungi. You’ll even hear a special discount code, just for Fungi Town citizens.

If you want to learn more about this episode’s topics, here are some links:

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How Soy Sauce Is Made [National Geographic]

The Strange Allure of Pioneer Living [The Atlantic]

Thank you to my guests Craig Rouskey and Doug Manofsky from Pando Nutrition. A transcript of this episode will be available soon.

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