Episode 19: Musical Mycelium

Welcome back, citizen!

You’ve seen fungi, you’ve likely eaten fungi, but have you heard fungi? In this episode, you’ll get to do just that and learn how two artists have discovered how to collaborate with our nonhuman friends. Trust me, it’s mind-blowing. My guests this time are: Tosca Teran and Andrei Gravelle of Nanotopia

If you want to learn more about this episode’s topics, here are some links:

Aquarian Hydrophone
Energy Bending Lab
Humus Sapiens
MIDI Sprout
Monophonic Moss Piglet

Tosca Teran was recently awarded a bio art residency at the Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto which runs through the summer. If you’re in Toronto, you can check out Nanopod’s workshops

Thank you to Tosca Teran and Andrei Gravelle for sharing their incredible music with us and to patron William Denton for suggesting this episode. You can access a transcript of this episode coming soon.

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