Want to experience Fungi Town but can’t listen right now? Maybe you want a closer look at something a guest said? Do you have hearing challenges and want an accessible version of the show? Well, look no further! Below, you’ll find transcripts for episodes of Fungi Town. (We’re working on filling in the blanks, so please be patient if you don’t see the episode you want just yet.)

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Episode 24: The Fungus Olympics Part 3 (coming soon)

Episode 23: Richer Than Gold II (coming soon)

Episode 22: Richer Than Gold (coming soon)

Episode 21: Flying Salt Shakers of Death (coming soon)

Episode 20: No Bad Yolks (coming soon)

Episode 19: Musical Mycelium (coming soon)

Episode 18: Fungus Olympics Part 2 (coming soon)

Episode 17: Nematodes Beware! [pdf]

Episode 16: The Great Lakes [pdf]

Episode 15: The Fungus Olympics [pdf]

Episode 14: Halloween 2018 [pdf]

Episode 13: Frogs and Fungi [pdf]

Episode 12: Ergot a Better Title? [pdf]

Episode 11: Tree-of-Heaven [pdf]

Episode 10: Smut (coming soon)

Episode 09: Fun with Fibers (coming soon)

Episode 08: White on the Nose (coming soon)

Episode 07: The Pecan Truffle (coming soon)

Episode 06: The Orchid Underground (coming soon)

Episode 05: Eco-Scrubbing Fungi (coming soon)

Episode 04: Lichen or Not (coming soon)

Episode 03: Beer! (coming soon)

Episode 02: How to ID Mushrooms (coming soon)

Episode 01: Welcome to Fungi Town [pdf]

Special thanks go to Rowen Cannon-Monogue for their help putting these together!